Sometimes in Tune
sometimes in tune: about us

"Sometimes in Tune" plays Bluegrass and Americana/Folk music -- a "fun" and energetic band with sound equipment, when needed.

Laura Garfield - Fiddle and Harmony Vocals

Margee Schubert - Banjo and Harmony Vocals

Joel Garfield - Rhythm Guitar and Lead Vocals

"Sometimes in Tune" formed in early 2003 when Laura and Margee dared each other to play in public. Joel offered his services on backup guitar -- but only for one hour. That first gig netted $5 in tips -- enough to encourage them -- and after a few weeks the trio figured they had played long enough to be a band. A name was chosen and the lineup has never changed.

"Sometimes in Tune" played Sunday mornings at the Studio City Farmerís Market for over 6 years.

We are available for parties, both children's and adult's. Contact Laura: