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Margee Schubert

Margee Schubert

I came to the banjo awfully late in life, but the seed was planted in my TV-immersed youth, watching John Hartford play banjo on the Glen Campbell Goodtime Hour. I grew up playing guitar and singing in a youth choir - Glen and then Chet Atkins were my early guitar heroes. High school years brought folk music and a 12 string guitar and then adulthood, family and jobs left all that dormant for a bit (20 years!).

I got my first banjo just before Y2K and found my way to the Blue Ridge Pickin' Parlor a year later. Lessons led to beginner jams and get-togethers with players of other bluegrass instruments - hey, this was fun! I joined a group (don't look now, but you're soaking in its website) about 9 1/2 years ago. Still not satisfied that I was spending enough time wallowing in bluegrass music, I joined the Topanga Banjo Fiddle Contest as a board member and volunteer coordinator. Here's a link (hint: check out the volunteer's page!):

When I'm not playing banjo, thinking about the banjo or shopping for banjo paraphernalia, I have a day job in a finance group.

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